Motor Ability and Sleep Analysis using AI and Depth Sensor

(Explore 2018 (Innoviris))


Partner: Minnt S.A.

The project aims to develop all the algorithms and tools necessary for the transition to "artificial intelligence", based on 3D sensors (time of flight, structured light, stereo), preventing and analyzing the fall of elderly people, people in revalidation and people with psychogeriatric disorders in hospitals, rest homes , rest and care homes and service flats, as well as to develop a new actimetric algorithm, in particular for sleep analysis. This project will enable us to meet the scientific, technological and ergonomic challenges necessary to achieve the levels of reliability and usability required for the success of our eHealth service.


  • DEBEIR Olivier


  • BAELE Xavier
  • SCHENKEL Arnaud

Support from:

  • Région bruxelloise